Claims may be reported via Stonier Insurance or to your insurer directly. If you wish to report a new claim to us please call 01625 423214 

You may wish to use the resource below to help you understand specific claims processes and there's extended contact information for insurers, service providers and other useful links too. Feedback is vitally important to us so if you would like to share your comments with us about your experience of making a claim we wouold be pleased to hear from you.

The form below can be used to enquire about an existing claim. Under normal circumstances you may also contact us between 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am - noon Saturday.

Motor claims

If you've been involved in a motor accident please contact us. We recommend that claims should always be reported by telephone. When calling we will need to ascertain the current location of your vehicle, the incident location and circumstances, details of other parties involved and your comments about any damages or injuries.

Property claims

Please contact us to report any incident relating to your property or your belongings. 

If you are experiencing a property-related emergency please call us immediately so we can co-ordinate the best response and ultimately look after you. When needed we will always try to react as quickly as possible.

Travel claims

More information will follow


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Liability claims

Please report liability claims by calling us on 01625 423214. More information to follow.


Existing Claim Enquiry

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